What to Read When You’ve Finished ‘The Maze Runner’

A readalike for those looking for their next book

When sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up in the ‘glade,’ remembering nothing but his own name, he discovers he’s only one in a line of boys that turned up the same way, and they’re all trapped in the middle of a maze patrolled at night by hideous monsters. But things are about to change for the gladers, and they’ll have to work together if they’re going to escape alive…

With The Maze Runner movie set to be released this fall, this pathfinder is intended as a timely aid for those who enjoyed the dystopian survival story rife with suspense and horrifying monsters. Below are recommendations for young adult novels for those who might appreciate a futuristic escape story, survival tale, or world where heroes face injustice and peril; or just a good-old-fashioned nightmarish creature-feature. The books are similar to The Maze Runner in tone, themes, plot elements, or all three, and are broken down into different areas of interest. Also included are suggestions about where to find more book recommendations.  

Download The Maze Runner readalike here.



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